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Appz Features

CMD Reference CCNA

CMD Reference CCNA can help Cisco networking academy students and certification candidates learn and review core Cisco networking configuration fundamentals. This command reference includes the specific Cisco IOS commands used to configure Cisco routers and switches. Brief narration explaining many of the commands is also provided. Utilizing CMD Reference CCNA Free in conjunction with your primary training source can be very beneficial with retention and comprehension of the subject matter.

Music Note Tutor

Music Note Tutor is a simple and effective app designed simply to teach beginners on reading music notes for piano or anyone who would like to improve their sight reading abilities. The goal is to identify as many notes as you can, as fast as you can without any mistakes. At the end of the quiz, you will get instant feedback on your number of wrong attempts and your total elapsed time. Targeted for beginners who are just starting out learning music notes and sight reading to give them a gentle and fun introduction without all the complexities. This app can help you improve your music sheet reading skills with continuous practice.

High Speed Racer Highway

Welcome to High Speed Racer Highway. Get ready for an addicting Android highway racing game! Buckle up and hit the gas no speed limit. Drive as fast as you can and avoid the incoming traffic. Earn points along the way to achieve a high score.How to Play:

– Tilt your phone or tablet to steer left or right

– Touch the N2O button to accelerate the speed